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We are pleased to inform our clients and partners that T&T Chłodnictwo Sp C moved its office to the new location in Piaski, Warszawska 100.

In 2018 we celebrate the tenth anniversary of our existence and we relish even more that during that time we managed to achieve so many positive changes.

New location provides easy access, convenient also for trucks and more parking spaces for our clients. The new location is situated by the trunk road no 12 which is not far from the previous location of our business office.

The new business office means also facilities for our employees – spacious rooms,social facilities, modern warehouse and workshops.
You’re welcome.


Nowadays we deal with the progress in every area of the economy, ecological lobby, therefore the meaning of carbon dioxide, as the most ecological refrigerant, grows from day to day. R744,in ecological terms, achieves very good results. It’s non-toxic and the greenhouse effect factor is over 1000 times lower than e.g. R-507.

The implementation of new factor involves the use of new solutions and technologies as well as the use of new components.
Our clients have the opportunity to compare and choose. T&T Cooling Sp.C has several proven projects for the implementation of installations working on CO2. If you want to familiarise with the advantages and disadvanates of R744, and adapt the installations to the needs of your own plant – call us.